Aug 25 2011

Do Play Dates and Wine Mix?


I saw this story on Good Morning America and wondered what other Mom’s think?  My girls are grown young woman and they still are not fond of me having a couple glasses of wine.  When they were younger I was far to busy to think about having cocktails on play dates.  But then again back then they were not called play dates…we just went to the playground!

What do you think?  Is it ok to unwind a bit with some good friends while your kids have fun playing?

Here’s the Story from ABC news.

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Jul 14 2011

Speaking of Alzheimer’s


I participated in training to be a speaker for our local Central Virginia Alzheimer Association.  The reason?  For my Mom, Judy Katherine Maino.  My mother passed away over 5 years ago from complications with Alzheimer’s.  She was diagnosed at 58 and passed at 63 years of age.  It was a brutal life experience for myself and my entire family.  Knowing how crucial it is to continue research to fight this horrible disease, I wanted to do something in her memory.

Trying to build a new business and having 2 daughters still somewhat financially depend on me, it isn’t possible for me to donate monetarily as I would like.  My gentleman suggested volunteering my time which is a great idea!  The only problem is…I’m trying to get a new business off the ground (yes, I know I’m redundant) and time is as valuable as the dollar it produces.  Since I have experience in public speaking he suggested I follow that path!  Made totally sense to me.

I have my first speaking event on July 19th.  Presenting and speaking on marketing ideas…I am at ease.  I just hope I can maintain my emotions while striving to do some good for this organization.  I want to make my sisters and father proud knowing I’m adding to the benefits of the cause.  Not to mention it’s all for my Mom.  Be with me Mom…help me intelligently and with passion educate people about this disease. 

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Jul 7 2011

The Car is Mine!


Yesterday was a big day for me.  I sent in my last car payment!!  The 2006 Grand Prix is officially mine!  (Yipee…… :/ )  I’ve never been one of those lucky individuals that could walk into a dealership and write a check to purchase a car.  Truth be known, I’ve had a “hate” affair with cars most my life.

A vehicle is a necessary evil in my book.  For most of my career I’ve been in sales and with that comes driving.  Lots and lots of driving!  As I watched the miles accumulate hour to hour, day to day, year to year the reality that this metal carriage would hold any value was painful.   In my selling days I worked with many a car dealer, especially in Michigan!  Motor Capital of the world, right?   I’d sell them advertising and in turn give them my business.  My vehicles have always been a slightly used, but new model.  They had to be!  It was a tool used for my business no different than my laptop or cell phone, all requiring reliability.  Not to mention I was a single Mom and need to know my car was dependable.  I could trust the gentlemen I worked with to give me a good deal.  THAT’S how I made the decision to buy a car.  I didn’t fall in love with the color, model or features.

I’ve never purchased a car because I loved it!  Well, except once!  It was my first new car… a 1985 Ford Mustang! God, I loved that car!  It was gun metal metallic grey and had louvers on the rear window, a black bra for the nose and a sun roof!  I use to take my dog Mac who was a Great Pyrenees mix (all 125 lbs of him) for rides removing the sunroof as he proudly perched himself extending his head through the opening.  The dashboard illuminated an orange hue.  I do miss that car.

So I now official own my car.  How did I celebrate?  Bought a bottle of cheap champagne and raised a glass with my guy and daughter.  In truth the only positive element from this event is NO MORE CAR PAYMENTS!  Maybe I should have taken that bottle of champagne and christened the car…..”vital sin”?  Do you love your car?